New Book: Research Made Easy

What are the elements of a good research? Most often than not we face a dilemma in seeking answers to this question. The challenge becomes pronounced when we begin to evaluate the different requirements of the diverse academic audience in the social sciences and business. This book is essential for anyone involved in business and social science studies. Its purpose is not to create a ‘one best format’, but to offer guidelines in starting a research project and the preparation of long essays, theses and dissertations for submission. On completion, the reader would have acquired practical research skills to select a research topic, review literature, identify research gaps, conceptualize research designs, and conduct data collection and analysis to address research gaps.

New Book: Essays from a Marketing PhD - Year One

Essays from a Marketing PhD is a compilation of essays on a variety of topics in the broad areas of Marketing Theory, Philosophy of Science, International Marketing and Marketing Perspectives of Corporate Social Responsibility. These essays are a product of reading and synthesising multiple peer-reviewed articles in the first year of the PhD Marketing qualification at the University of Ghana Business School. This book represents the depth of exposure and understanding gained through reading, as well as attending seminars and workshops in preparation for writing the actual PhD thesis. It is a must read for any PhD student who wishes to have a feel of what the first year of course work for a PhD in Marketing entails, as well as how the end product is most likely to look. It’s a celebration of a great first year in the PhD programme, and of many more successful years to come.